Sell your time!
Invest in yourself!

We have created a database of Experts who are ready to take on project work and short-term contracts.
We formed an Expert Council and a Supervisory Board.
We bring the projects – you produced the result.

On-the-job training
From 2 hours per week

Sell your time. Expert. Remote. Supervisory Board and Expert Council

An expert? A professional? Remote?
Did you get 2-4 free hours a week?

► Strategic consulting in terms of launching a new business direction

► Diversification of existing business, operational consulting

► Audit and reassessment of the current business model, increase operational attractiveness

► Launch of start-ups

► Repackaging the business

Projects that are solved by our Experts and Mentors

For whom?

For Proactive Experts with high potential who want to use every minute of their time effectively

For those who want to switch to a new project and expand their expertise

For those who are ready to sell their expertise without changing their primary place of work

► Finance

► HR

► Legal

► Marketing

► Business Operational Efficiency

Experts and candidates. Recruiting agency. Training
New project. Experts and careers
Expert and remote. Professional Development. Career growth
Here you will find projects in the following areas:

► Strategic Consulting

► Operational Consulting

► Project Investment Appraisal

What you get:

Versatile experience on short-term contracts

Deepening of expertise in various sectors of the economy

Portfolio development

Interesting projects and ambitious tasks from large companies and well-known brands

Additional income

Sequence of actions

Leave a request

We will contact you to clarify your experience and competencies

We will add you to our expert database

We will offer a suitable project for the market conditions

Through us, you enter into a short-term contract with the client to perform a specific task

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experience and competence. Professional Development.
expert base. Training
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