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This is the most frustrating part of the job search process.

It, in turn, creates anxiety and, like a worm, undermines self-confidence.
Finding a job is like a roller coaster for many people. You can be very encouraged to learn that you are the main candidate for the desired vacancy, and disappointed when it turns out that the job went to someone else.

The internal state of a person during the period of job search can resemble a neurotic relationship in a couple: a series of ups and downs, emotional swings (from "I can do anything!" To "I'm a loser!" And vice versa)

Here are some tips on how to deal with stress while looking for a job:

Tune in ahead of time that finding a job is a process. It can take from several days to several months. Expect periods of activity to alternate with lulls. Take it easy.
You need a supportive environment.
These are close people who believe in your strength; positive friendly environment; groups of like-minded people in career development courses, career coach, etc.
Discuss the algorithm of your interaction with the recruiter so that you can clarify information about the status of the position and your candidacy.
Get exercise. Body and mind are part of the same system.
Switch to things that captivate and energize you.

It is quite possible that tomorrow you will receive a job offer and will regret that you spent so much free time worrying and worrying instead of using it to “live in the here and now”: walking, slowly drinking coffee in a city cafe, driving children to mugs, engage in favorite hobbies, read, lie down after dinner.

You need to look for a job! But it is better to do it in an even and positive emotional state.

Victoria Filippova, Partner PROTALENT LAB, PCC ICF coach