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What do you imagine when you hear the words " career”?

Even 10 years ago, the phrase " career growth” was associated with climbing a certain mountain, and it was there, at the peak, that the employee was waiting for recognition and money.

In the realities of 2020-2021, after the pandemic and the revision of career opportunities, competencies and skills of employees, expectations of companies, there was an understanding that a career is a movement, obtaining and accumulating a unique experience of each employee.

There is no longer any point in conquering the mountains: unfortunately, the number of their tops is extremely limited. But modern trends show new opportunities for individual career growth.

How have career trends changed over the past year, and how will this be reflected in 2021?

The opinions of market leaders and HR experts are interesting.

Career is no longer a linear path
Now each employee has a choice - to develop step-by-step within one competence(according to a linear scenario) or choose a transversive scenario for himself, where he can try himself in a new one and pump up exactly the skills that he needs now.

A new career growth model
Now the responsibility for your own career lies with the employee. The new HR trend is based on creating conditions when a person is able to independently declare himself and enter into a three-way dialogue with his subsequent promotion.

Computerization of the process of hiring and developing employees within the company
The widespread reduction in the number of HR and the transition to computerization of this process continues to gain momentum.

In the foreseeable future, the process of employee growth within the company will proceed using a certain computerized mechanism.

The process itself will be simplified to filling out the relevant papers, proving (justifying) their professional competencies and expressing their desire to change their career position.

Transition to a policy of open expectations between employees and the company
This trend has been observed in the last 5-7 years. In the future, the recruitment process will include timely disclosure of expectations on the part of the company and the applicant.

All these trends open up new opportunities for the development of managers and expand career horizons.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB