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Unicorn companies-Unicorns are startups whose market value has reached $ 1 billion and these are the companies that can bring their investors and founders both a multiple of 100X growth and total losses. In 2020, about 500 such companies appeared in the world and their number is constantly growing.

There is a pattern that startups are born precisely against the background of tectonic shifts in the economy, crises, pandemics..) Therefore, if you or your children, your colleagues, partners have a mega bold idea-go ahead, now is the right time.
I will write a lot and for a long time on this topic, but we are talking about people, about human capital, I will focus on this topic.

The fundamental factor for the success of a startup is the TEAM. It is the talent, expertise, audacity of the idea, faith in your own strength, the desire to have something that you have never had and do something that will really blow up the market.. these qualities unite the founders of successful startups.

What else? Do not be afraid to make a mistake, or rather 100 mistakes and 100 attempts, fall and get up, remove limiting beliefs from yourself, get out of your comfort zone. understand that every failure raises you one step higher to achieve success.
I know the founder of a cool startup, he was also my mentor at the startup academy in Skolkovo, who said, do not stress when they tell you that you have come up with complete nonsense... it will not take off, it will not fly.. don't waste your money, don't waste your strength.. and this, on the contrary, is an occasion to think about what you are up to, something cool and go and do it. Tk if all these people knew how to earn multiple times on such a project, they would have already gone and earned.
And he had a cool personal example, he went around almost all the Top Managers of the Top 5 technology companies in Russia with his project, and no one believed him.. as a result, he went to attract investments in the United States.. and after 3 years, he came out of his successfully implemented start with XXXX-fold growth. He is only 28 years old!

This story once again confirms that it is worth believing in yourself, believing that you do not have to wait 40+ years to launch your business, your startup. The possibilities are unlimited and the constantly changing reality has a huge number of opportunities for you and me. Use them.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB