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How can mentoring help your career?

Ambition is the engine of a person's inner strength. The best thing a manager can do is to dismiss an inactive employee. And here we are not talking about the love of permanence, but secondary benefits - hiding your inner protest against this job, position, rules and company. 

It seems easier to grow when you are an ordinary employee: the career vertical looms clearly and the achievement of each step is clear. What should I do if you already hold a solid position? Engage in the development of your professional competencies for growth not only vertically, but also horizontally. You can't do without a faithful mentor here.


They say that finding a good teacher is a gift from above, and it is so. Mentor, mentor - those people without whom it is sometimes impossible to break through the ceiling. They see the situation deeper and higher; I understand its pros and cons; they know what step is necessary for multiple growth.

Why does a mentor need a manager?

In order to understand where your growth point is at the first three meetings and choose a vector
To understand where you really want to go
To find a way out of the impasse that you have driven yourself into without a working strategy
In order to understand the vector by the fifth meeting and decide on specific steps
To get an invaluable experience that will allow you to realize your potential

Growth is a continuous movement in all directions. It cannot be stopped, slowed down, or canceled. Our potential needs to be realized. Why aren't you growing yet if you know what kind of tool you need and where to get it?

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB