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What mistakes lead a manager to failure?

There are 10 main ones. But let's start with the factors that cannot be called mistakes, but which are the main obstacle to building a strong, productive company.

These are destructors. That is, personal qualities that reduce efficiency and become a serious trap in the activities of the manager.

In the book " 11 enemies of the leader. Behaviors that can destroy your business " are described by 11 destructors.

Let's name a few of them:

1. Arrogance - you are right, others are wrong.

2. Emotional instability - your mood swings undermine the business.

3. Suspicion - you are focused on the negative aspects of reality.

The author of this very useful book is David Dotlich. He is a partner of the multinational consulting company CDR International. The company specializes in consulting, coaching and top-level educational programs. D. Dotlich is a mentor to senior executives of Johnson&Johnson, Bank of America, Intel and many others.

Destructors cannot be eradicated, but it is important to learn how to identify, recognize and control them. Not everyone can do this independently. And here coaching methods come to the rescue, in particular, an in-depth psychological interview.

What other mistakes are waiting for the manager? We have already discussed some points in the article about building a strong team. Let's list the most common ones and take a closer look at another trap that not all management specialists talk about.

So, the most basic:

1. Lack of experience in your niche

2. Unclear goal setting

3. Inability to delegate tasks correctly

4. Familiarity with subordinates

5. Tasks without deadlines and priorities

6. Saving on qualified employees

7. Ignoring the development of your business intelligence

8. Ignoring the development of Soft Skills and deepening the Hard Skills of the team.

And, another important point that many managers do not take seriously: planning their resources. This is a deep topic with pitfalls. This includes "grabbing everything at once", an incorrect approach to multitasking, violation/non-use of time management, not allocating time to replenish the resource state (for rest, physical activities, etc.).

If you do not take this point into account, then sooner or later you will come to burnout. The idea will no longer ignite you, your motivation will drop. You will start "breaking firewood" and making mistake after mistake, which will inevitably lead to failure.

To summarize in the words of Jim Ron, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker: "The task of a leader is to be strong, but not rude; kind, but not weak; bold, but not aggressive; thoughtful, but not lazy; modest, but not timid; ambitious, but not arrogant; with a sense of humor, but without nonsense."
Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB