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How can a manager cope with professional burnout?

The current trend of growth of personnel and jobs dictates to us more and more strict rules: work hard, work efficiently, work with pleasure.

With the penetration of the Internet in every home and office, the number of jobs has increased, and the labor market has been enriched with new professions.

The dilemma of our time is that we understand the danger faced by a miner or a builder, how tired a salesman in an offline store or an accountant in an office is. But no one is talking about the disease of the XXI century-professional burnout.

Burnout syndrome is a medical diagnosis introduced by psychiatrist Herbert Freudenberger in 1974. In his writings, he described this condition as " a manifestation of increasing moral exhaustion."

Today, more and more people with irregular working hours, high emotional and mental stress and increased responsibility, meet with professional burnout.

His syndromes are hard to miss:

●    # nbsp; increased fatigue;
●    # nbsp; apathy;
●    # nbsp; # nbsp; the desire to postpone work tasks, to avoid responsibility;
●   # nbsp; # nbsp; sleep disturbance and increased anxiety;
●    # nbsp; experiences with work-related issues;
●    # nbsp; lack of interest in the case that I was previously engaged in.

According to statistics for 2019, every second employee in Russia has experienced a state of professional burnout.

Three tips on how to prevent burnout and take care of yourself:

1.   # nbsp; Regulate your working hours

It is important to maintain a balance of activity and rest. One of the main reasons for the appearance of this condition is considered to be excessively high professional activity and lack of rest. Turn off work chats when you get home.Warn employees that you only answer professional questions during business hours. This will be unusual at first, but give this advice time. You need to adjust to the new mode!

2.  # nbsp; # nbsp; Diversify your leisure time
Rest should not be like solving work tasks in the context of physical processes. In other words, if you spend 8 hours at the computer at work, then rest should be active. Dancing, gym classes, swimming pool-choose what you like.

3.   # nbsp; Arrange an information detox

Spend a day without gadgets twice a month. Don't check your email, turn off your phone. Enjoy the silence, and do not try to make out the information noise.

Professional burnout is the scourge of modernity.
The acceleration of all work processes does not take into account the limited human resources, so the only person who can prevent this is you.