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A selection of cool films about effective business

Motivation, inspiration and experience from the outside are among the key principles that help the manager to introduce new technologies into the business, find successful solutions for the market and do what others are still thinking about.

Study it. Go ahead. Implement is the motto of those who know that you can get a portion of new food for the mind not only at a training or course, but also through cinema.

We are sharing with you a selection of films and TV series for market leaders that will help you make your business even more efficient.

"Mr. Selfridge"
The series is about the life of one of the” most successful marketers of the Earth", tells the story of the creation of the Selfridges network, which exists to this day.
It was the hero of this tape who introduced the rule "The client is always right".

A financial thriller about tactics, endurance and relationships. The main characters are certainly confident in their power and rightness. The action takes place in the epicenter of world finance – on Wall Street. Federal Prosecutor Chuck Rhodes enters into a dangerous clash with the talented and ambitious billionaire Bobby Axelrod. The main question that remains with the viewer after watching: would I have the courage and audacity to manage billions?

"House of Cards"
This series is a real encyclopedia of solutions for managers. How can I be sure of the outcome of the negotiations? How to use the media correctly? What qualities are necessary to retain power?
The main character of "House of Cards", Frank Underwood, will reveal the secrets of the White House.

"Better call Saul"
Viewers of the series will become observers of the formation of the career of lawyer Jimmy McGill. Jimmy, who started in the mail department of a law firm, wants to start his own business. His mistakes in this matter are typical and banal: copy the image of a competitor in advertising, attract customers who are not part of the target audience of the project. But over time, MacGil will still succeed.
Jimmy's experience is instructive for those who really want to succeed. It is very interesting to observe its development and get acquainted with the peculiarities of Anglo-Saxon case law in between cases.

An aging Robert De Niro gets a job in a company full of young people. A funny and heartfelt ode to the "third age"
70-year-old widower Ben Whitaker discovers that retirement is not the end. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion store under the guidance of Jules Austin.

"Bounty Hunters"
Roger Brown is a brilliant "bounty hunter", an indispensable specialist in the selection of top managers for the largest firms. He can find the right person for any position and his recommendation is the key to getting a job. In order to keep his beautiful wife, who opened an art gallery in a fashionable area with her husband's money, Roger has long been living beyond his means, and, using his official position, steals expensive paintings from applicants for leadership positions.

And what would you add to the selection?
Share your findings of cinema in the comments.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB