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Why do many people in the period of global economic crises face the fact that they lose their jobs, business, can't find a use for their knowledge, lose themselves?

The latest situation related to the pandemic has clearly shown that people and companies who were able to navigate in the changed conditions have kept afloat, found new opportunities and even achieved a big leap in development.

Simply put, the ability to learn quickly, adaptability and flexibility, the ability to cope with multitasking, and one of the main factors - creativity of thinking have become the key to success.

Also, world practice shows that the heads of successful companies give preference to employees who have exactly such skills. In a word, these are skills that are united by the well-known term Soft Skills.

Research and forecasting of the need for their development in this area began in the 60s of the last century. Later, these skills were packaged into a system that was called the "4 K System".
1. Critical thinking
2. Creativity
3. Communication
4. Cooperation

Let's add here 5 K-concentration of attention. This, I believe, is a vital ability to filter a huge amount of information that falls on us every minute in a stream. This is about accounting and allocating your time, the ability to focus on a specific goal or task at the moment. The ability to analyze, also a necessary quality.

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, advanced skills were announced, without which it is impossible to do by 2025:
1. Analytical thinking and innovation
2. Active learning and learning strategies
3. The skill of complex problem solving

Critical thinking and analysis, creativity, originality and initiative remain the top ones.

Digitalization skills have become new: the use, monitoring and control of technologies, as well as technological design and programming. The top ten included self-control skills: resilience, stress resistance and flexibility, interaction skills, leadership and social influence.

So, we see that developing these qualities is a vital necessity. The key to the success and result of the company, team, personality. But how to develop them, we will discuss in the next article.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB