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The "three points of support" rule"

Mountain tourists, mountain climbers and rock climbers have a rule of "three points of support". Its meaning is very simple-when moving along a dangerous slope, you should have three points of support at every moment of time. A leg and two arms. Or an arm and two legs. Or some other combination.

If you were relying on only two points, and one of them brought you down-seven to one, that you will not be able to hold on to the remaining single support.

Well-known marketer Alexander Levitas transferred the same principle to business. Whatever you do, you must have at least 3 points of support:

  • For example, if you are engaged in advertising, you must have at least 3 channels to attract customers.
  • When forming an assortment, you must have at least 3 different products.
  • When planning your investment portfolio, you should have at least 3 sources of income (securities-business-real estate)
  • If you are engaged in wholesale sales, you must have at least 3 key customers.

The same is true in your career and in the process of finding a job!
  • At least 3 resources that have your professional profile, for example,, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • At least 3 good contacts in a recruitment agency
  • At least 3 versions of your resume: a one-page brief, a detailed resume, a CV with a portfolio of completed projects
  • At least 3 top managers who can give you recommendations
  • At least 3 projects/completed tasks that you can be proud of
  • At least 3 segments of employers to whom you "sell" yourself, for example: Russian IT companies, funds investing in hi-tech, consulting companies
, etc.

It is simply humanly clear that a person needs several points of support: family, profession, hobbies, friends, sports, etc. This gives stability to his life.

Do you have 3 points of support in your career and life?

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB