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One step back and two steps forward, or how to return from entrepreneurs to TOP managers

Speaking about career growth, we present a vertical system – the transition from one position to another. In practice, among key managers there are situations of transition from the sphere of management to their own business.

It would be great to stop working for someone and become the boss yourself.Your own company, your own business – that's what you want to get up for. However, working as a top manager and being a business owner implies different areas of responsibility.In place of the organization of the work of employees comes the responsibility for all stages of production.


●    # nbsp;Not mine;
●    # nbsp;I failed;
●   # nbsp; # nbsp; Production went into negative territory;

This is only part of the reason why top managers return to their positions and leave their own businesses. According to the statistics of career consultants, the return from entrepreneurship to hiring is as common as the return journey.

How do I get back to hiring?

1.     # nbsp; Soberly assess your salary expectations
A potential employer is deterred by both low cost and excessive wages.

2.     # nbsp;Do not limit your choice
Consider different vacancies, remember that any job is an experience, new acquaintances and an opportunity to realize yourself as a specialist.

3.     # nbsp; Make searching your daily routine
Make it a habit to update your resume every 2-3 months and spend 40-60 minutes every day on responses to employers.

4.     # nbsp; Understand your own motivation

Why do you want to return to hiring? During the interview, you will definitely meet with the objection: "Why?". Decide for yourself why you want to leave the business and why you want to become an employee again?

The transition from entrepreneurship to wage labor is as common as the reverse side of this process. If you decide to return to hiring – don't be afraid to make a move.

If you are experiencing difficulties with such a reverse transition, then the career consultants of Protalant LAB will hold a consultation for you, where they will tell you how to beat this experience and demonstrate your strengths through it.