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Why do I need Job EQ testing?

You can't go swimming without a trained team. Storms, storms and inability to cope with them - an unambiguous death of the entire ship. But this is understandable when we talk about simple, understandable examples. However, the company is the same ship, and the business and revenue plan are a real ocean. Without proper training, the team can not be released into open swimming.

When selecting personnel for a specific position, we evaluate the possibility of closing the current position. That is, we are concentrating on the task of putting a person who will perform a clear functional in accordance with the regulations. This method is good, but only if the game is played for the short term. If you want to break through the threshold of multibillion-dollar profits , this is not your strategy.

Team selection, business acquisition and merger - all the processes of building a collective hierarchy are based on the understanding that a person should move up, and the structure should grow.

In order to correctly assess the abilities of candidates, predict the development of the department, conduct a company merger and restructuring of departments without losses, we use the Job EQ testing method.

The Job EQ test tool allows you to build a team based on the potential of employees and their internal motivation. Testing is carried out by a certified specialist who evaluates the results of respondents and makes a detailed description of their meta-profile.

What tasks does Job EQ testing solve?
Selection of personnel for any position, including top, key;
Formation and development of the personnel reserve;
Career planning and formation, etc;
Pre-coaching and pre-training diagnostics;
Formation of temporary and permanent teams;
Diagnostics of corporate culture.

Detailed knowledge about the metaprofile of employees allows you to build a team ready to become the best in the market and bring millions to your company.
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