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Conflicts at work

One random word can destroy the whole world, or the working atmosphere and a favorable environment in the team.

Conflicts at work are common in long-term close communication and stress. Disruptions of deadlines, urgent tasks, incorrect execution-minor troubles in the " production” can become a real catalyst for a war between several employees or an entire department.

How should the manager act?

1. Understand the real reason 
To resolve a conflict, you need to recognize that it exists and understand why the situation has arisen.

2. Determine whether the opponents are ready for a dialogue
Different upbringing and type of temperament make some people less susceptible to external influences, and others - on the contrary. It is important to understand how much the conflict situation has affected each of the parties.

3. Agree on places and appearances
Do not let the conflict resolution take its course. It is necessary to determine the exact terms, date and time of negotiations.Otherwise, you risk coming to a silent confrontation.

4. Take on the role of a justice of the Peace
Try to gently pick up questions in the conflict zone. Clarifying, to understand the reasons and prerequisites; leading, to help each participant in the dialogue to understand the position of the opponent.

5. Allow me to honestly express my grievances
It is important for a person to be able to speak out and say what he feels. It is at this stage that 8 out of 10 conflicts resolve themselves, because the person was able to speak and realize their true emotions.

6. Make a decision and implement it
If during the discussion of the conflict you came to the conclusion that both sides are comfortable building communication through a third party - let them work like this. It is important to end the conflict with a solution and in no case let it take its course.