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What principles do Amazon executives adhere to?

Why does someone have a global name, and someone's company can't even get into the local leaders?

It's all about the approach to building a business and the ideas for its implementation.

Let's figure it out.

Speaking of large corporations, who do we represent?

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google. The famous FAANG. These are those who were able to climb the podium and those who are known by the whole world. It would seem that advertising, multi-million dollar budgets are the secret of their success.

But behind each company there was an idea and principles of building a business that helped them become who they are now. Let's take Amazon as an example?

Amazon's Jeff Bezos said “ " Keep your personality, don't be normal and ordinary. Be original.” His words are the credo of the company and the rule by which they grow from year to year.

It is individuality and originality that form the basis of the corporation. Their approach to automating all processes and scrupulousness in selecting a team helped Amazon enter the TOP 100 of the world's largest brands.

What principles do Amazon executives adhere to?

Microservices and the Lego approach
Do everything in small, simple steps, like building blocks. This makes it easy to remove one service and replace it with another.
Thanks to this approach, the speed of changes within the company's website reaches 1 second. That is, 1/60 of a minute to change something. Impressive?

A team of " builders” and innovators
The company conducts a strict selection of employees. The uninitiative, slow, amorphous have no place in Amazon.

Everyone can generate ideas
No innovation departments or special departments. Every employee can be the author of a new best solution, and everyone's contribution is important.

The autonomy of each substructure and the unity of each
All employees are divided into autonomous subsections of 9 people. This allows them to remain friendly and at the same time easily track the shortcomings at the initial stages. It is much easier to keep track of a small group and motivate it than for a thousand people.

Open doors on both sides
The principle of openness to offers and new solutions allows you to implement what customers offer and receive feedback in a couple of clicks.

In addition, all these principles help Amazon to position itself as the most customer-oriented company in the world. The maximum speed of interaction between the client and employees allows you to solve all issues in the shortest possible time.

Introduce the principles and approaches of innovative companies of industry leaders into your businesses and be successful!

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB