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How can a female leader remain feminine and not lose her influence?

Being an iron lady at work and a soft, sensual woman for relatives is not an easy task. Often, in attempts to support the “brand”, female managers enter into a " role”, blurring the line between work and home.

We share with you five tips on how to be a lady and be a leader

1. The leader is not about strength, but about the spirit
There is no need to try to prove your advantage, strength and independence. First you are a woman, and then you are a leader who makes competent decisions.
Do not refuse to be polite from the outside, when they open the door for you, give you a hand and try to help.

A woman is about tenderness, and so that this line is not erased, it should be supported.

2. Do not give up makeup and styling
Our appearance should not only reflect our social status, but also our own feeling. Do not give up your favorite dresses for the sake of comfortable trousers, because “they will not understand at work”. Looking feminine is a big step in order to remain a lady at work.

3. Management is not about aggression
Do not give in to anger and aggression, try to solve the issue “like a man” with an ordered tone, command and strict limits. The strength of a female leader is in understanding the opponent, accepting him and resolving issues through diplomacy.

4. Keep your balance
The difficulty of maintaining femininity at work begins with the skew between the professional sphere and the home, relationships. It is not necessary to put work in the first place and keep your finger on the pulse all the time.

5. Do not try to do like a man
The systematic approach of men and women is completely different. In order to remain yourself at work, the girl-leader should recognize that she does not need to try to do as a man would do in her place. It does everything differently and this is its main feature.

It can be difficult for a manager to remain feminine at work, and not follow the “iron lady” scenario. It is important to understand: You are not the image that society sees. You are bigger and deeper. Be yourself to stay in the resource state. Do not try to try on the mask of another person.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB