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When Agile doesn't work.

If you do not go into technical details, Agile is not a methodology, but a collective name for various methods and approaches to management.
Let's first understand what Agile is and what is its main purpose?
In a way, this is a certain method of working which can also apply to life in general. It is not a state, it is a “way of travel”, that has gained popularity in the IT field.
But the question here is different. Does this methodology always work? Or are there exceptions?
Yes, its true that Agile is effective as a communication system and a philosophy of production, but not in all conditions.
There are several recommendations that are suitable for non-profit organisations and will be as universal as possible in use.
•        For example, if you know how the task will be implemented, there is a clear plan of action, a developed system for phasing tasks, then Agile is not applicable. It is applied more when there is uncertainty about the solution of problems.
•        If you can't finance improvements, Agile will not work for you, as it can be very expensive.
•        If your project is very stable and predictable character and there is little scope for innovation.
•        Another condition under which Agile will not be applicable is the inability to change your product.
So, in conclusion, I would like to say that the main principle of using the Agile method can be called: THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF STOPPING.
The maximum effectiveness of this approach is often achieved after the initial wave of excitement has subsided. You should clearly understand why you want to use Agile in your practice, what result you want to get, and what costs it may entail.