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An acquaintance of mine, a top manager of a large commercial structure, received an offer to take a post in the civil service. Interesting tasks, status role, ambitious project. But ... the salary is 5 times lower than his current one. A family council took place at home. And his wife said: "It is important for me that you are happy in what you do."
Her moral support and (which is important!) Her earnings allowed her husband to switch to an interesting state project.

Another story.
Many years ago, I lived in the United States for some time. I stopped at the house of an elderly woman in a small Pennsylvania town. She had 5 sons!

And they all faced the same choices after college.
The first job offer is a position in the municipality of his hometown, ten minutes by bike from home. The payment was supposed to be modest, but there would be time left for a young wife, mother, sports, friends and rest. The second proposal is from a corporation in Pittsburgh. The salary is much higher, but you have to spend four hours a day on travel.
What do you think the sons of this woman chose?
They all stayed in their hometown! Worked as clerks in a bank, construction company or municipality. They had children, with whom they would play baseball every night or ride bikes, go camping or visit their grandmother.
Then it seemed to me a mistake. I was young, ambitious and did not understand their choice. Just think, 4 hours on the road, but work in a large company of the state and salary is much higher!
Now I understand that each person makes the best choice for themselves at a certain point in time, based on their values ​​and ideas about life. Everything is OK with everyone

And money does not always determine a person's choice.
It is good, of course, when self-realization, high salary, time for oneself and loved ones, and opportunities for growth and development converge at one point for a person. But more often you still have to rank these moments for yourself in order of priority.

Victoria Filippova, Partner PROTALENT LAB, PCC ICF coach