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What is important to remember when looking for a job

Everyone understands that it is risky to go to a company with a dubious reputation (including the owner). They can cheat on money, undermine mental health and self-esteem, but also hinder a person's future career.

A real case.
Commercial director: a good resume, everyone in the company liked it, passed the test, the Security Service check. It was the turn of checking the recommendations from the previous place of work. And the owner gives this characteristic: to put it mildly, not positive.

The new employer stiffened. He needs an accomplice and a leader. Not a sluggish middle-class guy. One shareholder tends to trust another shareholder rather than a fired employee who can "sing like a nightingale"at an interview. It's good that the candidate's former colleagues give him a completely different characterization. And in addition, the description of the personality of the former employer "arrived" in time: "A little inadequate person, popular freethinking, tyranny. The format of communication: mat, or, humiliation "you shut your mouth". It is not necessary to believe in the objectivity of the characteristics of such a person.

But it happens that "entering" such a company puts an end to the further employment of the candidate. It seems that he did not do anything wrong, but the "black fleur" of the company itself specifically cast a shadow on him.

I repeat that it is important to cultivate an attitude to building a career as a strategic task. So that every next step is checked out, like a move in a chess game. Otherwise, he will wake up in time on the next turn of his career.