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Passive and active search strategy

We constantly encounter a persistent obsession with only one job search channel - posting a resume on a well-known job site.

A person can have a passive search strategy: posting a resume and waiting for responses to it; or an active one: searching for vacancies and responding to their resume. But it's still the same source. And he's clearly losing ground lately.
And when you ask a person if they use specialized groups on FB to find a job, they are very much surprised: how is it? Some do not have an account on FB at all (and consciously), and they do not plan to start it, or it was, and they liquidated it. Others post photos there and have no idea how to use groups for job search.

But even the main argument of opponents of groups on FB - "I don't want to shine myself" - fades when I say that you can generally sit with a quiet mouse and just read the feed in the group: who will stir what positions, fix your contacts, then send a resume and generally get acquainted with companies and recruiters for the future. And the posts of other candidates in your profile can also be very informative, because they are immediately commented on by dozens of HR specialists, furnishing their emails. It's just el dorado!

For half an hour of surfing in the profile group, you can recruit several dozen good contacts of agencies and direct employers. And then sit down, analyze, analyze, and write everyone (not all in one letter) a cover letter with an attached resume.

These are not abstract addresses. They are backed by real people who are interested in candidates of your profile.