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Dismissal - a career collapse or a springboard to the next level?

The career growth paradigm suggests to us: with high-quality work, you will only grow up, taking new positions and gaining more power. But the reality is that any work is a living process.
It tends to change, lose its relevance, grow and decrease. For a person who is involved in working on this "organism", it is normal to want to grow or leave the project, lose interest or see new prospects.

However, the ideology of achievers and careerism does not allow the idea that a person can leave his place and give up power.
In this case, there is a desire to concentrate power in their hands, to strengthen their positions, so as not to face a “career collapse”.

It is worth admitting: dismissal is always about career collapse, even if it is followed by a more favorable offer. The leader of the company, it should be recognized:

A career can end at any time in the context of a given project. Crash is a normal condition. It is inevitable, even if you change your place of work.

Leadership positions do not tolerate attempts to "save yourself". In this case, the specialist loses his professional value, limiting his leadership qualities and subconsciously equates to the "ordinary manager".

Getting tired of a project and wanting something new is normal. Even project founders get tired of what they are doing. If you think that a project can exist without changes for a very long time-take a closer look, it includes many subprojects and subprocesses that replace each other.

For a project leader to recognize that his work in this context is temporary means to give in to what he does entirely and be ready to leave organically, without harm to the project. This is where professional responsibility and a willingness to grow, even through a fall, begins.

Were you ready to leave the last project, or were you waiting for it to die out?