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Effective team

Yesterday I started the topic of communication within the company. How because of the poorly developed emotional intelligence, leaders can not agree with each other. Another reason for the communication curve and the prosperity of internal competition is the lack of clear and precise rules.

A top manager of a large company told me in a personal conversation that the interaction between their managers is like a strange football, where teams steal players from each other, grab the ball with their hands and generally do whatever they want. And the "Sports Federation" does not interfere.

And again I want to offer an analogy with children. Once I listened to an excellent lecture by L. Petranovskaya about the school, and there was a separate topic about the harassment of some students by others.
Bullying is not a problem of relationships between individuals. This is a disease of the group. A WILD group.

Take the most wonderful children, create unfavorable conditions - and they will begin to poison each other in the cruelest way. And vice versa: take the children who have already poisoned someone, create other conditions for them - and they will stop doing it. The children have not changed. Just came an adult who asked healthy rules of the game.
Unfortunately, our teachers are not usually taught to work with a group. And the children themselves can't cope with the group dynamics. And in Russia, for example, "a million children go to school every day as if they were being executed" (L. Petranovskaya).

Both in school and in business, you need rules, joint activities, something that unites the group. Otherwise, it will start to unite against one of its members and there will be " intra-species aggression»

The meaning of an effective team: we are together, and it is useful for us, synergy of resources and security within. When a person feels safe, he begins to create and create. The rear is covered, and you can direct your potential to the development of the company, move forward without fear of a stab in the back.