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The topic of strengths and weaknesses

As a specialist in personnel evaluation and development, I have to work a lot with the topic of strengths and weaknesses. It is now politically correct to call" weak points" "growth zones". And in general, weaknesses are a relative concept. They are weak for one thing and strong for another.

I liked the way Irina Khakamada said about it: "My weaknesses or...It all depends on the interpretation!
I divorced my husband. How can I help clients build a family?
Let's look at it another way:
I divorced my husband..I understand the feelings of my clients. I have an exit experience!

I'm too emotional. How can I work with business teams?
Let's look at it another way:
Yes, I'm emotional! This allows me to "light up" the team. Be creative. Make a drive!"

The psyche of a healthy person is practically a set of tools for solving a wide range of tasks to ensure survival, development and reproduction.
And this set is individual for everyone
And each tool included in our individual kits has stood the test of millions of years of evolution, proving its usefulness (otherwise we would not have passed them from generation to generation).

So, perhaps, there are no qualities-unambiguous advantages and disadvantages. Any of them becomes a virtue if it is used adequately to the current situation.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB