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Coach of a multibillion-dollar company

I now work as a coach with a multibillion-dollar company.

Its leaders are real "stars" with undeniable professional experience in major international projects. They are successful and charismatic achievers.
But they don't get along well. The team of them is not very good. This is largely the cost of an undeveloped emotional intelligence. They understand everything about money, but they do not understand the simple truth: "The meaning of any communication is in FEEDBACK."
When you publicly insult your colleague, calling him a m*dak, and his actions idiocy-what do you want to get in return?

Do you really expect that he will readily agree with you and immediately change his point of view and will do as you want?

The meaning of any communication is in the reaction that we want to receive in response to our words or emails. If we want a person to hear us, understand us, and we agree with him, then why declare him publicly a m * dak? Unless, of course, the original plan was conflict and confrontation. Do you need to express your "fi", or do you want a successful cooperation? Based on the desired reaction, we select the tools.

I help them to bring their positions closer together, to begin to see the consequences of their words and actions. And in this sense, interaction resembles communication with children. Big uncles are no different from obstinate boys.

In the mailing list of Oleg Leonkin, there was such a story.
"A child was sharpening a pencil nearby, opened the sharpener, and everything spilled out on the floor. I could say a tirade like,
" You've made a mess again, can't you clean up after yourself?"or “You need to clean up after yourself, and you need to open the sharpener over the trash!” etc.
If your goal is to say "FU" to the child, then you will achieve the goal, and if you want more, then the child will have questions.

I wanted efficiency. I went through the game. At the bottom, the rails were laid out, and everything spilled out on them-this complicated the cleaning:
"Ahh, look, the robbers poured explosive powder under the rails, the train will go and explode, urgently, the train is already close!!"
He ran, took a rag, wet it and wiped it so thoroughly that the beauty is right!".