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Unfortunately, in our society, the prevailing opinion is that the pre-retirement age is the end of a career, the inability to get another job or start some kind of business. Moreover, this opinion is shared by both the majority of representatives of this age category, as well as employers and credit organizations (we are talking about financing projects of people of pre-retirement age).

At the same time, many countries show a completely opposite experience. Take Japan, for example. The onset of adulthood there means the beginning of a" second " life. People master professions, master skills that were not related to their work earlier.

Of course, not everything is so simple and our society will not come to global changes in the issue of employment and attitude to applicants of a mature age category in one day. But already now the availability of tools for the development of flexible skills and the development of new professions is becoming a weighty argument.

A big plus for citizens aged 50 and older who use these opportunities is longevity, as a result of a new impulse, interest in life and their own demand. The employer also has the opportunity to get such a specialist, which will not be easy for a young, full of energy and energy employee to keep up with. Why? Because new knowledge, added to life and professional experience, maturity of thinking and a certain perseverance developed over the years, give a fairly effective result.

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Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB