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Is PR analytics a fashion trend or a useful tool?

Selecting talent to work in the company is not an easy task. At the same time, 6 out of 10 entrepreneurs forget that in addition to recruitment, it is necessary to engage in HR analytics.

What's it?
HR analytics is a direction based on the intersection of business intelligence and data processing. The main task is not only to conduct an analysis based on the available data on the selection of personnel, their motivation and vision of themselves in the future of growth within the company, but also to correctly formulate a strategy for the selection of human resources, as well as to increase the company's profit by attracting competent employees.

In other words, thanks to HR analytics, the company has a vision of how to increase the company's revenue and create a favorable atmosphere in the team.

How to implement it?
Implementing HR analytics, if it has not been used in your company before, is not an easy task. It's all about the lack of data, which is problematic to collect after the fact.

1. Identify a specialist for this task
Ideally, the company should have a certified HR analyst. In some cases, this may be done by a recruitment manager.

2. Take your time 
Don't try to cover all the metrics at once. Collect data gradually and process it in a timely manner. Trying to introduce innovations immediately, you risk a fiasco. Stick to the model: month of collection-month of analytics - month of hypothesis testing. 

In the CIS countries, the introduction of HR analytics is not found everywhere. This is rather an exception to the rule, which gradually appears in our reality.

Is this tool used in your company, or are you not ready for such innovations yet?