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Two extremes of changing a profession

When people decide to radically change everything in their professional life, they often go from extreme to extreme.

They either underestimate themselves, their abilities, skills, qualities. And then they are full of fears, and, perhaps, they do not dare to confidently and vividly declare themselves in a new profession.

The second extreme is greatly overestimated. And then they do not understand all the risks and make a lot of mistakes, wasting resources (time, money, energy)

What to do? It is extremely important to adequately assess your "assets":
- professional-an arsenal of skills, abilities, knowledge;
- intellectual — the ability to quickly retrain, master new types of activities;
- personal-personal maturity, adaptability, readiness and ability to overcome difficulties;
- social — social experience, communication skills, the ability to convince, cooperate, negotiate, like people;
- physical — health, energy level, lifestyle, habits;
- emotional — support for loved ones;
- financial — the presence of a "safety cushion" in case everything has to start with "0" in a new profession.

It is important to be mentally prepared for the fact that the previous merits, status and position in the new field of activity will not play any role. The experience of your victories is not interesting to anyone here.
self-esteem is very important for success in a new field of activity. When a person believes in himself, his abilities and strength, he becomes invulnerable to failure and depression. And, of course, such qualities as hard work and diligence are very important.

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB