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Indicators that You Need Coaching

Sometimes people are lost, with which request to go to Coaching, and with which to go to therapy.

I share with you the indicators that you need Coaching:

1) The subject of the request.
Childhood injuries, work with loss, depression, phobias-this is immediately to a psychotherapist.

Coaching does NOT work with the query: "What is wrong with me?"

He puts the question in a different way: "What do you want? How can you achieve this? What is your strength?"
In the field of career, business building, personal development, creating relationships.

Clients with the "Problem Solving" metaprogram prefer psychotherapy.

Clients with the "Goal Orientation" metaprogram-Coaching

2) The speed of change, tolerance to change

A client who is prone to rapid changes is more likely to prefer a coach, and a more stable one will prefer a psychotherapist.

Moreover, the changes can be both evolutionary (smooth) and revolutionary (cardinal).

High tolerance to changes contributes to the fact that coaching interaction lasts no more than three to six months, unlike psychotherapy, which can last for years.

3) Attitude to time
The past

Psychotherapy works more with the past person.
Coaching from the point of "here and now" throws a bridge into the future. "What do you want? And how can you get there?"
It's not the reasons that matter, but the result.

The best coaches have a high score on the "Present" metaprogram.
And even if the client is drawn to the past, and he is constantly going through his negative experience, the coach's help will be absolutely necessary: he will help not only to gather resources and plan for the future, but right now to start taking the necessary steps to achieve the desired result.

Tell me how Coaching helps in your career?

Victoria Filippova, Partner of PROTALENT LAB, PCC ICF coach