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Trend-watching is a regular tracking of consumer trends, assessment and forecasting of economic and business factors, as a result - the creation of innovative products, services and communications.

But not only that…. For example, trend watching and analysis of best practices are often written in the requirements for candidates, and for completely different positions, not only in marketing.

The basis of trend-watching is forecasting, and the invariable component is being watched .. and it is precisely watching that strongly distinguishes some candidates from others. This skill also develops the ability to see trends from a bird's eye view.
Around, we see enough examples of the successful use of this tool. This is also about the manufacturers of improved masks, sanitizers and quartz lamps, who were able to quickly navigate and establish a gigantic sales stream. This is also about didigital companies such as ZOOM, which began their journey to take off even earlier.

One example I would call an LTE projector (multicubes). What do you think was the popularity and increasing sales of this product? Foresight. When digitalization swept the world, it also affected children. The hard-to-control content of video channels, etc., has become available to our children. Extremely busy modern parents worry about vision and the impact of the broadcast on the child's psyche. The manufacturer suggested that parents protect children with a gadget that is safe for children's eyesight and perception. The child liked it, the parents are happy - the pain is resolved - the demand is growing.

So, trend-watching is an art. Let's name two main directions in which you can move in this element.

The first is the world situation and the analysis of a person's needs in the moment.
The second is the direction, analysis and research work of eternal human values.

The result of introducing trendwatching into your life will be only bonuses for you, you will either bring yourself closer to the possibility of "giving birth" to your unicorn, or you will become a cut taller and more in demand than those candidates who consider themselves and their ideas the most correct and correct, or you will always be interesting and a demanded interlocutor who is aware of all trends and ideas and to whom you can go for an answer to any professional question.

But the topic of trend-watching is really confusing: 10 books and a couple of resources are not enough here, and a fundamental approach will help you!

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB