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A company that everyone wants to work for, or how to create a strong employer brand.

What was the first thought that came to mind when reading the title? Maybe a movie popped up in my head? Remember "The Wolf of Wall Street"? How did everyone dream of getting into Bedford's team?

So, friends, a strong brand will always attract. It is the strong brand of the employer that gives a huge number of advantages over applicants and competitors in general.

But is it so easy and simple to do all this?
Let's figure it out.

Step-by-step is the main principle in this case. Everything should be taken into account: from employment to dismissal. After all, it is mainly former or current employees who "help" to create this brand (reviews, responses, stories about management and salaries, etc.). People help create people. This is a fact.

To begin with, understand the main issues:
What is your goal?
At what level is the company currently located?
What is he striving for?
What are the conditions for employees?
What will be the motivation for your employees?

Such questions will be the main helpers for you at the first stage of creating a personal brand of the company.

Pay maximum attention to your employees: work out a clear motivation system, develop a system of advantages of working in your company, Help each new employee to join the team, Invest in your employees and Develop them.

In other words: Work with an internal brand. Employee loyalty helps to build external brand communication and attract new personnel.

"Why?" - you may ask. The answer lies in the following:

The main goal of building a strong HR brand is to attract qualified personnel to the company: both young talented guys and venerable specialists with many years of experience.

Be always open in any matter.
And never be afraid to take feedback from your employees.The more you trust , the more people trust you!

Elena Bogomolova, Founder and CEO of PROTALENT LAB