Marketing Manager


  • Creation of a marketing development plan, formation of goals and objectives for its implementation;
  • Performing market research;
  • Studying the behavior of potential consumers, features of competing offers, their weaknesses and strengths;
  • Working with customer loyalty in the B2B and B2C segments;
  • Development of ideas for positioning the company and its products on the market;
  • Monitoring the work of contextual advertising, SEO, CPA specialists;
  • Participation in the development of ideas for the production and introduction of new goods and services;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, search for growth points;
  • Optimization of all work processes, identification of weaknesses and its elimination;
  • Media planning (monthly, annually);
  • Control of the logic of planning and accounting of key indicators, distribution of budgets between channels;
  • Analysis of incoming traffic;
  • Scaling of advertising to the Russian and Western markets (English, in the future and other languages).
  • At least 3 years of experience in traditional and Digital marketing;
  • Availability of a portfolio of works;
  • Work experience in international and Russian companies is favorable;
  • Good understanding of SEO, contextual advertising, CPA;
  • Copyright and editing skills, high level of literacy;
  • Analytical mindset, attentiveness, ability to think one step ahead;
  • English at the Upper-Intermediate level and above will be a plus.

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