Head of Legal / Family Office


About the job Head of Legal / Family Office

Head of Legal / Family Office

Company: Family Office / Holding Company

We are seeking an experienced Head of Legal to lead our legal department within a family office of a holding company. This key role spans several markets, including UAE, Russia, Europe, and potentially Hong Kong, with a focus on enhancing operational efficiency, ensuring compliance, and optimizing tax planning. The role primarily involves structuring business foundations and M&A deals in the real estate sector.

This position offers significant growth potential, with the possibility of advancing to the CEO of the family office.


  • Lead the legal department, managing operations across Russia, UAE, Cyprus, Europe, and Hong Kong.
  • Develop and implement holding structures to enhance operational efficiency and compliance.
  • Oversee and manage Private Investment Funds (PIF) and their associated legal frameworks.
  • Provide expert tax planning guidance and resolve tax-related issues for beneficiaries.
  • Ensure compliance with laws in Russia, UAE, Europe, and Hong Kong, providing specialized legal advice.
  • Support and manage legal aspects of both commercial and residential real estate projects.
  • Structure complex business and M&A transactions in the real estate sector as an investment partner.
  • Collaborate with external legal consultants to ensure comprehensive legal coverage and complex issue resolution.


  • Proven experience in structuring holding companies and working with Private Investment Funds (PIF).
  • Strong background in tax planning and handling tax issues for beneficiaries.
  • Knowledge of Russian, English, and Emirati law.
  • Experience in family offices, investment companies, or holding companies in a leadership role.
  • Experience with commercial real estate projects and Private Investment Funds.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle tax-related matters and ensure compliance.
  • Fluency in both Russian and English.
  • Proven leadership skills and experience in managing a team.
  • Ability to work in a hybrid schedule.


  • This role offers significant growth potential, with the possibility of advancing to the CEO position of the family office.

Location: Dubai, UAE

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