Senior / Investment Analyst / Private Equity Fund


Main responsibilities:
  • Extensive financial modeling to support potential investment decisions;
  • Preparation of presentation materials (executive summaries, teasers, etc.) and deal documents (TS, SPA, etc.), transaction structuring;
  • Participation in due diligence, communication with targets and advisers;
  • Participating in the portfolio companies key processes, including finance/strategy/corporate governance;
  • Assisting the team with internal reporting

Main requirements:
  • Diploma from top-ranked university: MSU (Mehmat, Physics, CMC), HSE (Mathematics, Physics), MIPT (Phys tech), The Bauman MSTU, RESH (Master's degree)
  • At least 1+ of relevant experience in Valuation/CorFin BIG4, IB, PE, VC, M&A boutique
  • Strong financial modelling skills 
  • Fluency in English and Russian
  • High motivated, ambitious; strong analytical skills; team player, results-oriented

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