Director of B2C Sales in the Russian FMCG company (food products)


Tasks and requirements:
1. Implementation of sales goals (sell in, sell out) of all b2c destinations in the Russian Federation.
2. Representation and "withdrawal" of products from the "shelves" of all sales channels (off-take) of the Company's products in strategic territories in the Russian Federation.
3. Meeting the target for marginal revenue from sales of all B2C destinations in the Russian Federation.
Education: higher education.
Work experience:
* Sales management experience of at least 5 years (manufacturer, distributor).
* Experience building and leading a successful team.
* Experience working with different sales channels (traditional retail, federal and local networks).
1. Performs operational management of the team of territorial and category Sales Directors.
2. Organizes the implementation of the Company's sales goals in all b2c areas, including:
* organizes the formation and implementation of commercial development plans and projects in a timely manner to increase the volume and margin income of sales, representation and cost-effectiveness based on the understanding of the consumer, the competitive environment, the specifics of partners, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the company;
* systematically organizes the use of all existing commercial tools and capabilities of the Company's commercial policy, as well as, if necessary, introduces new sales tools and technologies.
3. Analyzes and monitors key market and economic indicators and their dynamics in its area of responsibility, as well as forms the necessary adjustments to the project plans and tasks of the Sales Directorate based on the results of the analysis.
4. Represents and protects the commercial interests of the Company.
5. Builds optimal business processes within the Sales Directorate, as well as proactively interacts with the heads of related divisions of the company to ensure targeted results and effective operation of the company.
6. Performs budgeting (planning and budget control) of the activities of the Sales Directorate.
7. Provides safe working conditions for subordinate personnel.
8. Fulfills the instructions of the direct manager, as well as the higher management in its area of responsibility.